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Due to our commitment to safety and a family-friendly environment, there are behaviors that are not allowed on this site. These include vulgarity, name calling, threats, bullying, personal attacks of any kind, obscenity and any other behaviors illegal or otherwise that are deemed inappropriate or unsafe.  The consequences are instant termination of any account found engaging in these behaviors.  Trolling is also frowned upon and may result in termination of the offender's account.  Speech is free but intimidation, harassment and vulgarity are not free speech.  Please be considerate, abide by our rules and have a great time!  Sponsorships or advertising are available as well, please email us at freedombook@afo.net for more information.

Also, any attempt to attack or abuse the site will be prosecuted to the greatest extent of the law.
Please bear with us as we work to make a better site for everyone.   We are currently working to add "live chat" and "live streaming".  Email us at freedombook@afo.net if you have suggestions or questions or need help..