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SPECIAL NOTICE: Hey folks ! We did it! The new updates are installed with over 217 new and updated functions. Now we begin the process of education. Most of the new functions you will understand without training. Thanks for hanging in there with us! God bless! - Steve

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Welcome to FREEDOMBOOK, the newest social site for honest dialog, conservative values and family friendly activities.  Our goal is to provide a meeting place where people of all ages can share their opinions and also connect with family and friend. FREEDOMBOOK is the only social media platform protected by AFO http://afo.net. Now you can enjoy a world without vulgarity, name calling, bullying and obscenity found in most other social sites and without the censoring of conservative values.   We believe free speech is a right and not for sale, so your activities and information will not be shared with advertisers or other organizations. Our promise is to keep your identity private and your experience pleasant.  At the same time, we want to provide a system that allows you to connect easily with others in a safe and secure environment.